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Certification center “Mostest”!

Certificates and declarations of conformity,

Letters of Exemption and other permissive documents

Certification center "Mostest"!

Since 1999 the certification center “Mostest” has assisted in registration of various permissive documents in the field of certification of goods and services. For 12 years of successful work the set of certificates and the conclusions has been issued, the extensive experience in the field of certification has been got and the team of experts has been created.

Today the certification center “Mostest” is a full branch of agencies on the certification, accredited in several systems. It represents the versatile center of certification having broad communications with the various state organizations. It allows carrying out certification by the principle of “one window” that leads to increase in efficiency of registration of documentation without damage to quality.

The certification center “Mostest” provides the following services in certification:

1 . obtaining:

— the certificate of conformity on production in GOST R system;

— the fire certificate;

— the letters of exemption;

— the foreign certificates of the Ukrainian Certification System, the Belarus Certification Centre;

— phytosanitary and other certificates.

2 . registration:

— the certificates of the state registration;

— the verification certificates;

— the permissions.

3 . carrying out:

— production researches in test laboratories;

— certifications of services and licensing.

4 . development and registration of normative documents:

— technical specifications;

— passports of the product;

— MSDS material safety data sheet, etc.

5 . recognition of the Russian certificate of conformity in Belarus.

Having contacted the certification center “Mostest” the client can always wait that his problem connected with certification will be solved in the shortest terms with a guarantee of quality.

Specialists of our center:

— will competently answer all questions in the field of certification;

— will help to make a package of documents for application for certification;

— will consider all client’s wishes and the features of certifying production;

— will help to reduce costs of certification having processed documents in “one window”;

— will give legal support of the issued document, etc.

Obtaining the certificate of conformity it is possible to appeal to the offices of the certification centers “Mostest” in Moscow and St. Petersburg and to have consultation in other cities of Russia: Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don.

We pay your attention that express delivery of the prepared document across Moscow and St. Petersburg for clients of the Mostest center is free!

All offices provide identical services in certification, irrespective of arrangement geography. Certification of production begins with application for carrying out this procedure. For convenience of clients managers of the “Mostest” are ready to accept the request for registration of the certificate of conformity on-line.

Trust the team of professionals!

Production certification

Certification is a process of confirmation of production compliance to the norms, specifications and technical documentation requirements. Certification can be carried out only by the accredited agencies of certification.

According to the Government resolution No. 982 of December 1, 2009, some types of goods are subject of obligatory certification. If the producer (supplier) doesn’t make out the certificate on this type of production, according to Administrative Code of the Russian Federation it is considered administrative violation.

In case production isn’t a subject of obligatory certification it is possible to carry out voluntary certification for increase of competitiveness.

Certification of goods and services is a difficult multistage system which sometimes happens difficult to understand for businessmen. Before addressing legal services in production certification you want to understand what is really needed and what can be ignored. After all the conditions are individual for each market. On some types of goods certification is required to be carried out without fail, on others it is possible to receive the voluntary certificate, one production is subject to obligatory fire certification, another is  of obligatory state registration. We would like to acquaint readers with some types of certification for that they imagined existing system better.

The certificate of conformity is the official document certifying that production or service conforms to state standards, requirements of technical regulations, specifications or conditions of contracts. The certificate of conformity exists for the state quality control and safety of production before production gets to the market. There are such versions of certificates of conformity as the certificate of conformity of GOST and the certificate of the Technical Regulations. The certificate of conformity to the technical regulations is rather new document which appeared in connection with gradual change of certifying system in Russia. The system of the Technical Regulations is a certification system which comes instead of a system of certification of GOST R, however the Technical Regulations haven’te entered on all types of production yet therefore for a certain row of goods it is necessary to make out GOST certificate of conformity.

The Hygiene Certificate

The Hygiene Certificate is a document which certifies hygienic and sanitary and epidemiologic safety of production. Till July 1, 2010, it was necessary to make out the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion, at present time there are two certification documents by means of which it is possible to testify compliance of production to hygienic norms. They are an expert opinion and the certificate on the state registration. The complete list of production which is subject to registration of these documents, contains in “The unified inventory, subject to sanitary and epidemiologic supervision (control) on customs border and the customs territory of the Customs Union” (The decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of May 28, 2010 No. 299). It should be noted that in certain cases such documents as the certificate of conformity and the declaration on compliance are impossible without existence of the certificate on the state registration.

The Fire certificate

The Fire certificate on safety is the document confirming production compliance to the requirements and norms of the fire services which are regulated by technical regulations “About requirements of fire safety” (The Federal law No. 123 of July 22, 2008). For some types of production this certificate is required to be provided before registration of the certificate of conformity (the declaration on compliance).

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